4 Ways Water Can Damage Your Home

When you think of winter, you might not think of the possibility of water damage to your property. However, many properties in Florida are damaged by water from hurricanes, flooding, or other disasters. Here are the top four ways water can damage your home.

1.  Flooding

When people hear the word flooding, they might think of torrential rains or a river out of its banks. While these natural disasters can cause your property to flood, there are several other more common ways your property can become flooded. For example, if a water pipe bursts either outside or inside your property, you can flood.

For this reason, it’s vital that you know where your water shut off valves are both inside and outside your property. On plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets, you should be able to shut the water off right there on the fixture. However, if you encounter a leaking pipe, you may need to go elsewhere on your property to find the shut-off valve. If you believe one of your pipes is leaking in your yard, contact the water company immediately.

2.  Frozen hoses

Although freezing temperatures in Florida are rare, it can happen. It may seem silly, but a connected garden hose coupled with freezing temperatures could lead to interior water damage. Here’s how.

When you use your garden hose, there is a certain amount of water that stays in the hose. Then, when the temperatures drop, that water can freeze. Maybe it will stay outside in the hose, but it could freeze back into the pipe and create an ice block. In your best case scenario, the ice block prevents you from getting water. The worst case scenario is that the ice block breaks your pipe and water sprays all over your interior, creating damage to your walls and floors.

3.  Blocked gutters and downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts are on your property with the specific purpose of getting water away from your structure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Suffice to say, you want to make sure they are clear and in working order before they have to do their job. Experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year to ensure that they are free of leaves and other debris. Similarly, downspouts should be unblocked and specifically angled to redirect water away from your property.

If your gutters and downspouts are blocked, water damage can occur. When water does not properly drain through the gutters, it will pool on your roof. This can cause damage to your roof, and it can also seep through to damage the ceiling beneath it. When your downspouts don’t work correctly, water may form in puddles near your foundation and damage it.

4.  Washing machine hoses

Washing machine hoses are notorious for leaking and spraying water everywhere. To ensure that your washing machine hose doesn’t break and cause water damage, replace your washing machine hose every three to five years.

Before You File a Water Damage Claim…

If your property has been damaged by water, check your insurance policy to find out if and to what extent you are covered. Then, contact Barnard Law Offices. Our experts offer a free consultation to help assess the extent of your damage. This is important information that you will want to have before you file your insurance claim. Give us a call today at (305) 665-0000 or contact us online.

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