5 Steps to Properly File an Insurance Claim

If your home or business has been damaged due to fire, weather, vandalism, or any other issue, you will likely need to file a claim with your insurance company. While most people are used to paying premiums for their home and business insurance, filing claims is something that doesn’t happen too often. Learning how to handle it properly is critical to ensuring it gets handled quickly, approved properly, and that you get the full amount you are entitled to.

Contact an Insurance Attorney

This is the most skipped step because many people believe they won’t need one. For smaller claims it might not be necessary, but if the damage to your property was significant, having an attorney who works on insurance claims on a daily basis can be critical to your success. The attorney can ensure everything is done correctly, and your insurance company is more likely to act more reasonable if they know you have legal representation. Contact Barnard Law Offices to go over your situation and get the help you need.

File the Claim

Next, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to file the official claim. This should be done soon after the damage was done, and at this time you’ll typically just have to provide them with a basic overview of what happened. For all but the most minor claims, the insurance company will likely send out an adjuster to review the situation and come up with a payout offer.

Working With the Adjuster

When the insurance adjuster comes out to inspect your property, you need to remember that they work for the insurance company. Their job is to minimize your payout (to the extent allowed by the law). Don’t accept anything they say, or sign off on anything, without first having it reviewed by an experienced insurance attorney.

Ensuring Accurate Information

The information provided by the adjuster is not the only thing that the insurance company should have to base their claim on. You can also provide them with additional details such as what types of things you had in the property that were destroyed, their value, and much more. Making a full list of not only everything that you’ll need to replace, but also all the items you may not even plan on replacing, can help to maximize the payout amount for your claim.

Settlement Offer

Your insurance company will make an offer on how much they can pay out for your claim. They will usually frame the offer as if this is what they will be paying out, and you really have no say in the matter. This is not at all true. If they try to offer less than a fair/reasonable amount, you can dispute it, and if necessary, take the matter to court. Let us help you. Call Barnard Law at (305) 665-0000 today!

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