6 Steps to Take to Recover Stolen Property

Not only do burglaries and break-ins leave you without your property, you may also feel violated and unsafe once you’ve been targeted. While nothing but time can heal the psychological damage of victimization, you can take several steps to recover your stolen property.

  1. Gather Your Documentation

If you have any documentation of your stolen items, keep it readily available. You may need to provide copies to investigators, insurance adjusters, and attorneys. Examples of documentation include receipts, photos of serial numbers, insurance policies, registration documents, warranties, credit card statements with the items in question, and appraisals.

  1. Report the Theft to the Police

A police report may be required or requested by your insurance company. When reporting the theft, make sure you provide all copies of relevant documents and photographs.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Your insurance policy should be your first line of defense after a burglary or home invasion. Reach out to your agent immediately, and have your police report number ready.

  1. Review Your Insurance Policy

Ideally, you should be familiar with the terms of your insurance policy before you need to make a claim. However, even the most vigilant homeowners are often unaware of the finer details and exclusions of their policy. Get your most up-to-date policy documents and look into what your policy covers and does not cover. One important thing to check is whether your policy pays the actual cash value of a stolen item or the replacement cost. Actual cash value refers to the cost to repair or replace an item after depreciation is subtracted. Replacement cost refers to the cost to replace property with a comparable item.

  1. Use Technology to Track Items

Lots of high-value items can be tracked remotely, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Track any items you can, but do not try to recover them on your own. Simply provide the information to your insurance agent and the police. Recovering items on your own can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Check Pawnshops and Online Resources

Criminals often try to offload stolen items as quickly as possible. Visit local pawnshops to look for your stolen items. In addition, look on sites like eBay and Craigslist. If you find anything that you suspect may be yours, provide the information to the police and your insurance agent. Do not try to arrange a meetup to collect the items yourself.

When you suffer property damage or loss, an attorney can help you get the payout you deserve. Contact Barnard Law Offices at 305-665-0000 to schedule your free consultation and free on-site inspection.

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