Florida Court to Homeowners: You Need to Pay for Matching Before Your Insurance Company Does

On October 23rd, 2019, the Third District Court of Appeal released an opinion which negatively impacts all homeowners in the State of Florida. It’s generally understood that homeowners are not required to come out of pocket for expenses related to repairing their home for a covered loss. The exception is the homeowner is responsible for paying the policy’s deductible. This understanding was flipped on its head by the Read More

Insurance Companies No Longer Want To Pay Your Attorneys Fees

On October 15th, 2019, Florida’s Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance held a meeting in Tallahassee in order to discuss why there are still 17,000 open Hurricane Michael claims and what could be done to get them closed sooner. The President of Security First Insurance Company, W. Lockwood (Locke) Burt, argued for litigation reform saying insurance companies are barely making profits because of all of the Read More

What is “Actual Cash Value” vs “Replacement Cost Value” in property insurance?

When you’re purchasing an insurance policy for your property you will likely be given many different choices provided by different carriers. Deductibles, coverage amounts, and annual premiums will all vary in different ways. But, it’s important to know how the value of the damage will be measured when its time for your insurance carrier to make a payment for your insurance loss. These options come in two flavors: Read More

Is My Rental Property Covered by my Insurance Policy?

When purchasing insurance for a property you own, you are usually given two different options depending on how you intend to use the property. It’s important to know how you intend to use the property before purchasing insurance as it will dictate what type of insurance will cover you in the event of loss. Will you be using it as a rental property? Will you be using it as a new home for you and your family to live Read More