Barnard Law Offices Wins Trial Against Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

On Friday, November 1st, 2019, Oscar Perez and Aliuska Fernandez were able to finally celebrate when they emerged victorious in their lawsuit against her insurance carrier, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Thankfully, Mr. Perez and Mrs. Fernandez were represented by Barnard Law Offices. On or about December 8th, 2015, the family's roof leaks in different areas of their home. They hired Barnard Law Offices Read More

2019 Cutler Bay Halloween Spooktacular Event – Re-Cap

Barnard Law Offices had a great time at the 2019 Cutler Bay 2019 event! Thank you to everyone who came out and stopped by our tent for some candy, flashlights, and goodie bags! In case you missed the event, check out some of the photos below! Read More

When Florida Attacks: What to Do When a Sinkhole Damages Your Property

Coastal plains, sandy beaches, rolling hills -- Florida’s beautiful geography is part of its allure. Unfortunately, though, its karst landforms and soluble rocks also make the geography dangerously susceptible to sinkholes. Each year, Florida residents make more than 6,500 sinkhole-related insurance claims.  If a sinkhole occurs on your property, it can be shocking. You should take the following steps to ensure Read More

Barnard Law Offices Wins Trial Against Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

On Friday, October, 4th, 2019, Kandice Simon was able to finally celebrate when she emerged victorious in her lawsuit against her insurance carrier, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Thankfully, Ms. Simon was represented by Barnard Law Offices. On or about October 20th, 2015, Ms. Simon had a water leak under her kitchen sink which caused approximately $40,000 worth of damages to her kitchen and living room. Read More

BLO Sponsored Event: Town of Cutler Bay Halloween Spooktacular

Please Join Us on October 25th, 2019, from 6:00-10:00 PM at Cutler Ridge Park for an evening of Spooktacular Fun, Food, and Giveaways at the Annual Cutler Bay Halloween Party! Read More

Canceled! What to Do If an Insurance Company Cancels Your Policy

Having insurance on your home or property is a necessity. Then, one day, you are blindsided by a notice in the mail saying your insurance policy is going to be canceled. Instead of starting to panic, don’t worry and follow these three steps below. Here’s what you need to do if an insurance company cancels your policy. 1. Stay calm. Although you might enter full panic mode at the mere idea of not having home Read More

Understanding Exclusions and Limitations

When you purchase an insurance policy for your home or property, you want to make sure you thoroughly understand what you’re buying. Although you will certainly want to make sure your policy covers what you want, you’ll also want to understand what is not covered by your policy. These items or events that are not covered most often present themselves as exclusions or limitations. Here’s more about these two insurance Read More

Insurance Law: Bad Faith Explained

As a property owner, you carry insurance on your property to protect you in case of any accidents. When you pay your insurance bill, you expect your insurance company will return the deed if your property needs repairs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If your insurance company fails to pay you for your repairs, you might be eligible to bring a bad faith case against them. Here’s what you need to know about Read More

6 Examples of a Breach of Policy

You may not realize it, but you or your insurance company may have breached your home insurance policy. It’s important that you don’t breach your policy because you want to stay insured, and it’s important that your insurance company doesn’t breach your policy because otherwise you could sue them. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to do anything to breach the policy because it would void your insurance coverage. Read More

Claim Denied: What Can You Do Next?

After your home or property are damaged, you file a claim with your insurance company. They review your claim, and then they decide whether it should be approved or denied. If your claim is denied, don’t lose hope. There are still three things you can do to possibly get your damage covered. 1. Contact your insurance company and ask them to review your claim. It’s possible that when you filed your claim Read More