Four Examples of a Business Interruption Claim

Business interruption insurance comes into play after a commercial property loss. It is intended to add an additional level of protection to cover your business for things that other forms of insurance, like property insurance, cannot. It typically covers things like profits that would have been earned if business was not interrupted, operating expenses like employee wages for the duration of the closure, and the expenses of temporary business relocation. Are you unsure of what might qualify as a business interruption claim? Read on for a few common examples.  

  1. Your place of business is destroyed in a fire.

Whether a fire completely guts the building you use for a business, or it just leaves smoke damage that will take some time to repair, a fire can be cause for a business interruption claim. 

  1. You have to close temporarily due to vandalism or damage to your building or equipment.

Unfortunately, some people may take pleasure in destroying the equipment you use to secure your livelihood. Equipment can also be damaged by accident. What if a tree falls on your building? Luckily, these kinds of events can be covered by business interruption insurance if you make a claim.

  1. A natural disaster halts your business.

When a serious natural disaster strikes your city or your town, it can bring commerce to a halt. People have more important things to attend to – like fleeing for safety and safeguarding their homes – than buying and selling goods. Your place of business or equipment could also be damaged or destroyed in the disaster. Business interruption insurance covers this.

  1. Government actions cause operations to cease temporarily.

If your business is impacted by instability and insolvency caused by government actions, this can also be covered.

Do you need to file a business interruption claim?

At Barnard Law Offices, we help people across the state of Florida handle their insurance matters, file claims, and more. If you or someone you know has undergone an interruption to business, give us a call today at (305) 665-0000. You should also call us if your insurer is acting in bad faith or if you need representation because a claim has been denied. We can’t wait to help you with all of your insurance-related legal needs!

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