We’re Here for When Your Safety Net Goes Missing

When the Florida property that you invested so much time and money into is damaged, you automatically rely on your insurance company to help. You paid into it, and when damage to your property occurs it’s time to get what you paid for. When the insurer denies your claim, it’s like reaching for a safety net and finding it’s disappeared, which makes an already stressful situation even worse.

The attorneys at the Barnard Law Offices, L.P. will fight to improve your situation by working towards the best result for your claim in the shortest amount possible. If you pursue an insurance claim alone, many insurance companies may attempt to get you to accept a lower settlement because they assume that you lack the resources to challenge them. We will represent you from the time damage occurs to your property to and continue such representation to trial if necessary.

Our services:

  • First Party Property Damage / Insurance: First party claims are for physical damage to your property. When your insurance company fails to honor the terms of your homeowner or commercial property policy, we step in.
  • Filing Insurance Claims: The Barnard Law Offices, L.P. will file your insurance claims for you, using experienced experts and a methodical approach to secure the benefits that will help rebuild what you have lost.
  • Examinations Under Oath and Recorded Statements: If your insurance carrier requires you to submit to a post-damage examination under oath or requests a recorded statement, we will ensure that your rights are protected and the other side does not set you up for a denial or substandard payment.
  • Breach of the Insurance Policy Disputes: If a dispute arises with your insurance company, we will take steps to compel your insurance carrier to fully compensate you to the extent indicated in the policy.
  • Water Damage Claims: When water damage occurs in your home, repairs can be very costly. Our office has the experience necessary to assist you in resolving your claim with your insurance company.
  • Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims: Hurricane force winds and other strong storms can cause significant damage to the exterior of your home allowing water to enter and cause more damage. We can assist you in ensuring a fair recovery from your insurance company to make repairs to your home.

Like all businesses, insurance companies are out to maximize their profits. This can mean regularly denying, underpaying, or not paying covered insurance claims, as they know that a lot of people will sooner accept a denial or low payment than fight for coverage.

Let the Barnard Law Offices, L.P. take up the fight for you. We have the experience, legal acumen, and resources to fight Florida insurers who refuse to put your property in its pre-loss condition. To get us on your side, call 305.665.0000 for a complimentary consultation today.