Breach of the Insurance Policy Disputes

We Make Your Insurer Keep Their Word

No matter how many precautions you may take, your property will be subjected to a variety of destructive forces living in Florida. Hurricanes, fires, floods, sinkholes, plumbing issues, vandalism, and other kinds of disasters can cause major damage to your home, business, or condominium. If this happens and you have insurance against such events, you should receive enough compensation to repair or rebuild in order to put your property in its pre-loss condition.

When your insurer sells your policy to you, you have a legal right to expect that you will be compensated in the event your property is damaged or destroyed. The reality is that insurance policies have multiple exceptions and exclusions craftily written to ensure insurance companies have the ability to deny or underpay many claims you would normally be expected to be covered.

The Barnard Law Offices, L.P., firmly believes that insurance companies should not be allowed to put their profits before the legal rights of property owners in Florida. We have experience in reviewing denied or underpaid claims, spotting areas where your insurer has breached the policy, and demanding that you receive a fair settlement. If necessary, we will take your case to trial to obtain the outcome your case deserves.

If your insurance carrier is suddenly misrepresenting your policy because you have submitted a claim, contact the Barnard Law Offices, L.P. You paid for coverage, and we will fight to ensure that you get it.