Water Damage

When water enters your home from a broken pipe, drain line back up, or air conditioning system, the extent of damage isn’t always fully apparent. 

Insurance for your property likely covers the damage resulting from broken pipes, drain line back ups, and A/C back ups. It’s important that you fully comprehend what you are covered for under your policy.

Making repairs after water damage to your home can become very costly. Depending upon how much time and amount of water existed in the property, the extent of damage can be greater than you originally thought. If water has seeped behind baseboards or through the drywall, then mold can begin to develop as soon as 24-48 hours. It’s important to contact a water mitigation company as soon as possible to properly dry out your property in order to prevent further damage resulting from mold or rot.

In South Florida, older homes have cast iron pipes which carry waste to your septic tank or your local sewage facility. These pipes are beginning to fail causing waste and sewage to back up into your home. The pipes may likely need to be replaced in their entirety. Many property owners find out that replacing cast iron pipes can be extremely costly as most pipes must be replaced by breaking through the foundation of their home which could cost thousands of dollars and weeks or months of repairs. Luckily, most insurance policies cover for the time spent living off the property as well as the cost of tearing out and replacing the cast iron pipe. Insurance companies try their best to avoid paying for these claims which is why hiring an experienced attorney can be helpful in ensuring that your insurance company pays a fair amount for these repairs pursuant to the terms of the policy.

Sadly, insurance companies are not always on the side of their policyholders. They are for-profit companies whose primary commitment is to their bottom lines, and sometimes this manifests itself in substandard compensation offers and even denial of legitimate claims.

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